Assistant Professor of Practice in Entrepreneurship
Assistant Director for the William & Jean Buchanan Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

Session Leader:
Business Plan Creation and Modeling
At the foundation of every business is the functionality of its business model.  In this session, you will learn the nine business model components, gain an understanding of different types of business models and generate your business model canvas.  Understanding business models is key to developing and managing your business plan.


From Tom,
“I teach full-time at Drake University where I have crafted the curricula for our new major and minor entrepreneurship programs. I love it!

Practiced corporate law for a few years, tired of the paper chase, went to work on Wall Street raising money for development stage companies. Acquired a Midwest-based firm; moved to Des Moines in ’94. Completed more than 20 IPOs.

I am also a managing director at Swartwood Hesse Inc., a special situation investment banking firm, Today I focus on private investments in innovative early stage private and orphan public companies. I also serve as a director for Carriage Inc., a manufacturer of high-end fifth wheel resort vehicles.

Summer 2005 joined forces with my brother and started SwingStation Systems LLC, a digital video sports training and event service business. All the thrills of any start-up; currently on hold. In the meantime I am advising several local start-ups, mostly digital or app-based. And I serve on the business development committee of the Technology Assoc. of Iowa.

Specialties: Entrepreneurship; small company finance, golf and event services, early stage companies, private placements, teaching.”