Professor | Marketer | Project Manager
Assistant Professor Marketing Drake University

Session Leader:
Creating a Road map and Strategy for Your Business
This session is an introduction to project management 101.  Whether you’re launching a new business or new product, the ability to create and manage timelines, resources and challenges is crucial to staying on track!

Big Idea Sketchbook Developing Your Brand and Marketing Strategy
Can you identify and articulate the value your business delivers and to who?  How do you most effectively reach your customers? This session introduces the value creation model, how value impacts revenue, and will help you identify and articulate the value of business concept.  Tales, Marketing & Social Media session.

Customer Facing Activities:  Sales, Marketing and Social Media
Once you’ve identified the value proposition of your business and the business model, it’s time to engage your customers.  This session covers basic principles of creating a traditional and/or digital marketing strategy for a variety of sales channels.

Heidi is a marketing powerhouse who has balanced a successful career in marketing with companies such as Marsh, Pella Corporation and Principal Financial, while teaching undergraduate marketing.  In 2016, she joined Drake as a digital marketing and e-commerce instructor and we’re thrilled to have her as a key presenter.